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Part of maintaining your children's dental hygiene is controlling their cavities. At Country Hills Dentistry, we provide cavities control to help prevent cavities and keep your child's smile healthy.

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What is cavities control?

Cavities control is a term which means controlling the development of dental decay, or cavities.

How can my dental team help to prevent my child developing dental problems?

Good dental health begins in childhood! To maintain excellent dental health as children grow, regular professional cleanings and checkups are crucial. To prevent the development of childhood cavities, we provide fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and specialized advice for children’s dental hygiene routines. All of these steps assist us to ensure that our smallest patients develop and maintain excellent dental health as they grow.

How often should children have dental checkups?

Typically, a child should have a professional checkup and cleaning every six months. However, more frequent checkups may be recommended based on a number of factors. To discuss how often your child should visit our office, please contact our friendly and caring team. 

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