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Intra Oral Camera

An intra oral camera is a high-resolution camera that fits in a patient's mouth to project images of their teeth.

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What is an intra oral camera?

A high-resolution tiny camera, an intra oral camera fits very comfortably in a patient’s mouth. An intra oral camera will project accurate and detailed enlarged images of the inside of your mouth onto a screen. Both you and our dental team are able to view the images on the screen.

When is an intra oral camera used?

When considering a treatment plan to address specific dental problems, we understand that patients can often feel frustrated or ‘out of the loop’, trying to envision problems in their smile which they are not able to see. By using an intra oral camera, we are able to remove that frustration.

The images on the screen project exactly what our team sees as a full-colour, enlarged image of your smile. We use these images to discuss your potential treatment plan. Use of the intra oral camera gives you a clearer picture of any problems in your smile and greater comfort in understanding the treatment plan that will address them.

Intra Oral Camera Technology, Kitchener Dentist

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