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Your First Visit

Welcome to Country Hills Dentistry. We are always accepting new patients, so visit our office today!

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What to Expect

At Country Hills Dentistry, we take the time to make sure that a trusting and comfortable relationship is established right from your very first appointment. During the new patient exam, we will fully review your dental and medical history and perform a thorough dental examination.

What typically happens at my first appointment?

We will also take some x-rays, photographs and occasionally some study models to help better assess your needs. Following this initial evaluation, we will take time to discuss your current dental health, make some recommendations, explore your goals for your ideal smile, and develop a treatment plan that meets or exceeds your expectations.

We are committed to a constant dialogue with all of our patients, and to the philosophy that an informed patient is a happy one. Your initial appointment is also a convenient time for you to schedule a professional dental cleaning, and one of our skilled dental hygienists will be pleased to meet with you. 

If English is not your first language, we are happy to offer dental services in Croatian or Arabic.

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