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Country Hills Dentistry uses CariVu to help support the identification of broken teeth.

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What is CariVu?

CariVu is a compact, portable detection device for decay that uses patented transillumination to support the identification of carious lesions and cracks. It permits a clinician to see through the tooth and exposes the structure of any decay at high accuracy.

Why is CariVu used?

CariVU can show lesions in the beginning stages, and helps the hygienist in identifying areas that may require attention early on and decide on a course of action. When used with a radiograph, an image and an intra-oral photo provide an all-encompassing picture of the tooth.

Who would use CariVu?

CariVu can be used on patients that desire an alternative diagnostic imaging method to make them more comfortable.

CariVu Technology, Kitchener

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