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Dental Hygiene

At Country Hills Dentistry, our dental hygienists know how important preventive dental hygiene is, and we help prevent many serious dental problems by ensuring that the health of your smile is maintained. 

Dental Hygiene Services at Country Hills Dentistry, Kitchener

Since your smile is unique, so is your oral hygiene routine; however, there are a few common areas of oral care that are crucial to optimal oral health.

  • Fresh Breath

    Fresh breath is a primary concern for many patients. Learn more about how we can help you with oral health and fresh breath maintainence.
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  • Gum Disease

    Gum disease affects many Canadians throughout their lives. Regular dental appointments can help prevent and treat gum disease before it becomes a larger problem.
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  • Preventative Dental Hygiene

    At Country Hills Dentistry our team of dental hygienists will work with you to help you maintain dental health through informative hygiene services.
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  • Soft Tissue Management

    Our dentist office provides soft tissue management services customized to your oral health needs.
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