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Services for Children

At Country Hills Dentistry, our caring dental team offers dental services that will start your children off with a great foundation for life-long oral health.

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Dental Services for Children

Dental care is just as important for children as it is for adults, and like adults, children should be seen every six months.

Children should begin seeing the dentist by the time they turn one or shortly after their first tooth erupts. Regular visits help us to monitor your child's growing smile and ensure their development is on track.

At Country Hills Dentistry, we offer dental hygiene, sealants, mouth guards, space maintainers, and habit-breaking services for children.

Children's Dental Services, Kitchener

Children's Services

  • Hygiene

    Part of maintaining your child's dental hyginene is controlling their cavities. At Country Hills Dentistry, we provide cavities control to help with the development of cavities.
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  • Dental Sealants

    At Country Hills Dentistry, dental sealants are used to prevent cavities developing in a child's mouth.
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  • Mouth Guards

    Mouth guards are important for children who play sports. They help keep teeth from getting damaged during physical activity.
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  • Space Maintainers

    We use space maintainers for children who have one or more missing baby teeth. These hold the space until their adult teeth grow.
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  • Breaking Habits

    At Country Hills Dentistry we provide services to help your child with thumb sucking and habit breaking.
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