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Dental Technology

At Country Hills Dentistry, we want you to have the smile you deserve. By integrating devices such as dental lasers for early tooth decay detection, we should be able to provide you with comprehensive care.

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Your Comfort & Convenience

Our Kitchener dentists use a variety of dental technology devices and tools to assist in diagnosing and treating dental health issues and conditions in our patients.

With the help of dental technology, our team should be better able to provide the care and comfort that you need during your dental visits.

Our technology should make diagnoses more precise and accurate, allowing for more effective treatment options.

With technological devices such as digital x-rays, dental lasers, CariVu caries detection, and intraoral cameras, we can offer more comfortable appointments for our patients while proactively addressing dental health.

Dental Technology Services, Kitchener

Dental Technology

  • CariVu

    Country Hills Dentistry uses CariVu to help support the identification of broken teeth.
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  • Digital X-Rays

    Country Hills Dentistry uses digital x-rays to get an in-depth, detailed look into patients mouths.
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  • Intra Oral Camera

    An intra oral camera is a high-resolution camera that fits in a patients mouth to project images of their teeth.
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  • Laser Technology

    Laser technology is used in dentistry to remove cavities, whiten teeth, reshape gums and to harden boding materials used in fillings.
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  • Magnification Loupes

    Magnification loupes are used by our dentist to see small details in your mouth with precision.
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  • Panoramic X-Rays

    Panoramic x-rays provide our dentist with the tools to see the mouth in a full view of the upper and lower jaws.
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