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Full mouth cosmetic dental restoration is recommended for patients who require a comprehensive treatment plan for their oral health needs.

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What is full mouth rehabilitation?

When our patients come to us with a number of different dental issues all at once, our experienced team at Country Hills Dentistry work together to develop a comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan.

Some of the challenges that we can address with full mouth rehabilitation include missing teeth, misaligned teeth, worn down teeth, and teeth that have shifted and need to be corrected.

What type of treatment would be recommended?

Every smile is unique, so every full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan is different! A treatment plan might include any of the following treatments:

Restoration Services, Kitchener Dentist

Comprehensive Treatment

Before creating a treatment plan, our skilled and caring team will conduct a dental assessment, examine your smile, and take full-mouth x-rays, and impressions of your teeth. When we have developed a comprehensive understanding of your current dental health, we will recommend a full treatment plan that will result in a dazzling and functional smile to last you a lifetime. 

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